A little question about the rope

Today, I inadvertently looked at the recipe of the rope and found that there is no recipe of the loom for the plastic rope, and the fine plastic wire can only be crafted by the loss method. Therefore, I hope to add a loss free recipe (such as clustermill).
In addition, it seems that something is missing in the upper left corner of the rope recipe. Is it an IC2 tool?

To be honest, I kind of want nylon rope, but it seems impossible in gt6. Maybe gt6u can (gt5u nylon seems too simple)…


Wait how is Fine Plastic Wire a Loss only Method? Are you sure about that? The Extruder should have a 1:1 ratio for Material Conversion.

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But there is no fine wire mold


Confirmed (Gt 6.14.20)
There is no Fine wire extruder shape plate, only a 1x transmission Wire plate.
Plastic does not have the flag to get Wiremill recipes (as it sensibly shouldn’t, that’s for ductile metals), nor does Rubber.
This leaves only the lossy cut up foil recipe for fine plastic or rubber wire.

While looking at this, I discovered ‘fine netherized diamond wire’ (matID 8746), the third and last fine wire that can’t wiremill, that somehow doesn’t have the cut up foil recipe even though it does have a foil, and is thus completely uncraftable. Did this material perhaps get shapes it wasn’t supposed to?

That hole seems intentional, as it creates a shape that reminds of twisting or braiding the fibres in order to make rope.


Oh yeah I guess that one does get Fine Wires due to having Ingots.

As for Plastic Wires, yeah that needs to be fixed.


I feel like there’s a middle ground between that one time greg implemented thread autoclosing after a couple days of inactivity and threads being bumped for a whole month as it is now.
Didn’t this get fixed a month ago anyway?